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Does Your Laptop or PC Need Repair? Here are 10 Clues To Look For


If you’ve owned a laptop or desktop for any amount of time you’ve likely experienced a decrease in performance or had it stop working altogether. Aggravating, to say the least especially if you rely on it for business. While all of these reasons are serious, some point to more critical issues needing immediate attention.

The 10 most common issues that warrant repair:

  1. Battery slow to charge or not charging at all
    This affects laptops primarily although most PC’s have a small battery to run what is called the “Real Time Clock.” Probably the easiest issue to remedy.
  2. Unexpected shutdowns
    Several things can cause this, ranging from a dead laptop battery to a failing hard drive.
  3. The dreaded “blue screen of death”
    This is a Windows-based operating system warning that there’s a major issue with your operating system, hard drive, or computer components. While it can happen once or twice without consequence, it’s typically the sign of a larger issue.
  4. Slow to start or slow running programs
    Usually this is a symptom of neglected maintenance.
  5. Becomes hot to the touch
    Poor airflow, bad batteries in laptops, or fans starting to wear out are possible causes.
  6. Noisy
    Fans wearing out, DVD ROM making noise, or even the hard-drive itself making clicking or popping sounds are all possible sources.
  7. Connectivity issues with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    Does your internet keep dropping while you’re using your laptop? Are you continually needing to find your home network or re-input the network key? Does your Bluetooth speaker not recognize your laptop?
  8. Unresponsive keyboard
    Check the number lock. Clean off any dust or debris. If all else fails replace it.
  9. Cracked or broken monitor or screen
    Almost every laptop screen repair process requires you to crack open your laptop, using specialty electronics tools and a keen eye, so it’s recommended that you leave screen issues to the professionals.
  10. Virus or malware
    Unless you are competent and comfortable performing troubleshooting and diagnosis this is something best left to a skilled computer technician.

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